Employee Training - For DSM Program Staff



Staff Training ImageEfficiencyOne Services’ Employee Training can unleash your team’s potential and maximize your productivity.

Your staff is the cornerstone of your organization, and you need them performing at their best. Our team has years of experience designing, implementing and administering energy efficiency and renewable energy programs and services, and working directly with businesses to build and grow a strong, sustainable industry. You can leverage this valuable real-world experience to advance your team’s skills quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Our training is perfect for getting new employees up to speed, building foundational knowledge, preparing teams to design and launch new programs, and honing the skills of individual employees.

We offer customizable training in these areas, and more: 

  • The principles of energy efficiency
  • Designing, implementing and operating programs
  • How to design and evaluate pilots
  • Working with contractors and trade networks
  • Customer service in energy efficiency
  • Promoting and selling energy efficiency
  • Managing, surviving and growing from program evaluation

Staff Training Check ListBenefits

Many organizations don’t have the resources or capacity to train new employees, instead having them learn as they go. The results: wasted time, employee frustration, less than optimal skills, and lost productivity. You can avoid the bumps in the road and fast-track the expansion of your team’s internal capacity and institutional knowledge by providing them with access to experts with valuable, relevant experience. Our proven best practices will set employees up to develop their skills and contribute to the success and advancement of their teams and your organization.

We’ll work with you to customize the content and format to best suit your needs:

  • Private on-site team or individual sessions
  • Job-shadowing opportunities
  • Online training modules
  • Webinars
  • Access to public group training
  • Ongoing access to peer experts

Getting Started

Contact EfficiencyOne Services and we’ll take care of everything:

  • Working with you to assess staff
  • Skills and training needs
  • Developing training plans
  • Customizing a training curriculum
  • Selecting a suitable format and trainer
  • Developing all training materials
  • Delivering training and answering attendees’ questions


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Andy Collier - efficiencyPEI